Why join our reservation list? 
Our reservation list is the best opportunity for highly interested people to secure a home when one becomes available. Sawyer Estates offers unique apartment homes and an abundance of amenities- all at an affordable price. The combination has created high demand for our apartment homes. Join our reservation list to be among the first to learn of apartment availability ahead of the general public.

How do I reserve an apartment home at Sawyer Estates?
Although Sawyer Estates is typically 100% occupied, we invite you to reserve an apartment by completing a pre-application.  Completion of the pre-application will place you on the reservation list in the order your pre-application was received.  Please follow the steps below to join the reservation list:
Step 1: Click the RESERVE TODAY link below and complete the 7-step pre-application process. A credit and criminal background check will be conducted on all pre-applicants over the age of 18. Note: You must be able to move-in with anywhere from a 1 to 60 day notice.
Step 2: Upon completion of the income, credit and criminal background check, you will be notified via e-mail of approval or income denial. All background screening denials will be mailed. Once approved, you will be added to the reservation list in the order your reservation was received. Reservations are on a first come, first serve basis. You must be able to move-in with anywhere from a 1 to 60 day notice.
Step 3: When a home becomes available, those who have completed a full application will be contacted (1 - 60 days prior to move-in) in the order their reservation was received. You must be able to move-in with a 1 to 60 day notice. If you are unable to move, you will be placed at the bottom of the reservation list.

Does it cost anything to join the reservation list?
Yes. There is a $50 reservation fee to join the reservation list.
Tell me more about the affordable housing program and how I qualify.
Income Qualifications

The household income is based on GROSS annual income (before any deductions) earned from all sources including; wages, social security payments, public assistance, pensions, annuities, interest income, dividends, stocks, bonds, insurance settlements, recurring gifts from family/friends, lottery winnings, etc. Third party verification will be required of all income and copies of tax returns and pay stubs may be required.
Sawyer Estates participates in an affordable housing program. Total household income must be under the following limits based on household size:
- 1 Occupant Must Make Less Than $26,880
- 2 Occupants Must Make Less Than $30,720
- 3 Occupants Must Make Less Than $34,560
- 4 Occupants Must Make Less Than $38,340
- 5 Occupants Must Make Less Than $41,460
- 6 Occupants Must Make Less Than $44,520
To maintain the integrity of the community, credit, criminal and rental background checks are conducted on all applicants.